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What was your childhood car dream?
Was it a candy-apple-red Corvette Sting Ray?
Or maybe a Mustang GT500 is more your style?

Sean’s dream ever since he could remember was to own his Pop’s ’59 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

He never saw the car in the daylight growing up, it stayed safe, covered up in his Pop’s shop. Years after his Pop passed the Caddy still sat in the shop, it’s future unknown.

After a lot of heart, time and some needed cooperation from Sean’s dad Pop’s 59 made the long trip from the sunny west coast to her new home in the south.

Before the car made it off the transporter offers were made, pictures were taken and the love for this car was felt. Sean knew he couldn’t lock her up in the garage, he had to let her sing.

Fast forward dozens of car shows, impromptu photo shoots, magazine articles and an immense online following,

But there’s a twist in the Miles Through Time experience.
It’s not your usual car museum. Sean invites YOU to get your baby out of the garage, out from under that tarp and out where the public can safely cherish your automotive treasure.

That’s right, your car or motorcycle can be part of this living museum. MTT will store her, keep her safe and secure and allow the public to experience her beauty. From a safe distance of course. She will proudly sit next to Sean’s personal collection for all to see.

We believe treasures shouldn’t be buried, but be out to be admired by the dreamers and car lovers.

And we don’t lock her up, just let us know when you want to take her out for a cruise and we’ll get her ready for you. Just bring her back when you’re done and we will park her back with her classic cronies.

A visit to Miles Through Time will be a new experience every time your foot hits the floor.

Additions to our collection are added each week, so if you enjoy classics, exotics, motorcycles, car memorabilia, automotive art, gas pumps and vintage car finds you will be excited to experience our growing collection.

Our calendar is packed, you need to save the date.

Along with normal museum hours, we have a calendar full of cruise-ins, car shows, charity events and family fun.

If you love cars this is the place for you, all year round. We add new events and cars each week, so there is always something new to see; something new to experience.

We hope your excitement is revved up like ours.

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is a nonprofit.


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There’s a lot going on at Miles Through Time! Don’t miss a thing!


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