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What is Miles Through Time?
Answer: Miles Through Time is a co-op style “living” automotive museum.  Everything in the museum changes constantly because it is all owned by various people. See more
Why Clarkesville?

The museum is located at the Old Clarkesville Mill inside Vintage Garage Antiques at 583 Grant St, Clarkesville, GA 30523. The opportunity to move the museum from Toccoa to the mill was too good to pass up.  See more

Does it cost to go into Miles Through Time Automotive Museum?

Yes, admission is only $15 per person, children 6 to 12 $6 and children under 6 can enter the museum for free with a paying adult.

What will I see in the museum?

The museum constantly changes, but you will see upwards of 60 vehicles dating back more than 100 years.  You’ll see vehicles being stored in the museum either temporarily or permanently. Or the vehicles have been loaned/donated to the museum for display.

What did the building used to be?

The mill was originally built in 1951 and was a textile mill.  The building is over 70,000 sqft. but the museum is currently only 10,000 sqft.  We hope to expand in the future 😉

Can I host an event at the museum?

Absolutely, car shows and cruise-ins are always a blast at the museum. Contact us for more info.

How long has the museum been open?

After a few months of restoration the museum officially opened to the public with a commemorative Grand Opening Car Show June 9, 2017.

Do you have any special events?

We do! Miles Through Time does one large car show annually to celebrate the museum’s anniversary.  In addition, the museum hosts several smaller cruise-ins throughout the summer and makes the parking lot available to any other organizations that want to have a car show for their organization and utilize the museum’s marketing power.  Visit our Facebook page to see all of our current events.

What is the oldest car on display?

Currently, the oldest car on display in the museum is a 1915 Model T.  Since everything in the museum belongs to different people this is subject to change eventually and hopefully, we will have even older cars on display.

How can I have my car on display in the museum?

There are a few ways you can display a vehicle in the museum.  You can store it in the museum either temporarily or permanently.   Or you can loan/donate the vehicle to the museum to become a permanent display in the museum.

What requirements do you have to display items in the museum?

In order to have an item displayed in the museum it has to be automotive related or fit the theme of our retro inspired lounge.  Second, the item has to be something cool or unique. (something people would want to see when they visit the museum) Lastly, we have to have room for the item in the museum.  Best thing to do is contact us if you have something you want to display in the museum.

What ages are appropriate to go into the museum?

The museum is fun for all ages, except maybe babies, babies may not care, but then again there is a lot of stimulating things to look at.  No matter the age if you like automotive stuff and or history you’ll love the museum and kids under 6 can visit the museum for free with a paying adult.

Does the museum purchase vehicles, motorcycles or artifacts?

No, the museum’s budget does not support the purchase of vehicles or other automotive-related items, our collection is comprised of items that are on loan or have been donated. There are several local, regional, and national magazines in which you can list your classic car for sale.  The internet also offers a variety of options for selling your vintage car. We do not have a list of people or organizations that purchase vehicles.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there are no stairs or gravel you need to worry about and there is plenty of space around all the vehicles in the museum.  There are no restrooms in the museum, but there are restrooms available in Vintage Garage Antiques.

How big is the museum?

The museum is over 15,000 square feet and is located inside of a 15,000 square foot antique store called Vintage Garage Antiques

Is Miles Through Time a nonprofit?

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is a nonprofit and 501c3 EIN 61-1950451. If you’d like to donate to the museum you can learn more HERE.

How many cars are on display?

The museum averages over 80 full-size vehicles on display at any given time.  This number all depends on the size of vehicles that are currently on display.  In addition to the full-size vehicles, there are also vintage bicycles, pedal cars, motorcycles, and over 5,000 model cars.

Is the museum inside of an antique store?

Access to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is through Vintage Garage Antiques. Tickets for the museum are purchased at the front counter in Vintage Garage Antiques. Once you have your tickets you’ll be directed to the entrance of the museum through the red doors. 

Although Miles Through Time is inside Vintage Garage Antiques, the museum is a separate 501c3 nonprofit.  Vintage Garage Antiques does help support the museum and enables people from all over the world to visit the museum 7 days a week all year long.

Where is the entrance to the museum?

The museum is inside an old textile mill and is just one of the many establishments you’ll find in the mill.  To visit the museum you’ll want to head towards the back left side of the Old Clarkesville Mill.  You’ll see an old 1961 VW Beetle sitting in a tower and you’ll want to head straight towards the Bug.  From there you’ll easily be able to spot the entrance through the HUGE teal doors and old 47 Chevy and 53 Nash yard art exhibit.

Is Miles Through Time Automotive Museum near Helen, GA?

Helen, Georgia is the 3rd most visited city in Georgia despite its tiny permanent population. Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is only 20 minutes south of Helen and an easy add-on destination for anyone visiting Helen.

What places are there to eat around Miles through Time Automotive Museum?

Clarkesville is full of excellent places to eat.  Here’s a list of a few local options.

Can you donate to the museum?

You can absolutely donate to the museum.  We accept all kinds of donations as a 501c3 nonprofit and donations help support the museum.

What is there to do in Clarkesville?

Clarkesville is a cool little town. You can visit Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and see over 100 years of history on display.  You can also visit Vintage Garage Antiques which is one of the most unique antique stores in Georgia and is home to the museum. Plus, there is a nature trail and many more small shops in downtown Clarkesville.

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