over 100 years of automotive history

Our ever-changing, co-op museum features over 100 years of automotive history. Exhibits change weekly so there is always something new to see.


Miles Through Time is a “co-op style, living automotive museum.”  

All of the displays are provided by people in and around the community. All of the exhibits you see are from people storing their beloved classic and exotic vehicles, as well as two-wheeled favorites. Or the vehicles or automotive memorabilia have been donated or loaned to the museum.

Other inventory is privately owned by the co-curators of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and showcased for everyone to enjoy.

Miles Through Time Foundation

Donated exhibits in the museum are the only permanent and constant displays.

Everything else constantly changes so each visit to MTT is fresh, fun and exciting. If you would like to temporarily loan items to display, you can complete the Loan Agreement Form HERE.

*All items must be approved by the museum.

You never know what you’ll see this time.

We also have clothing, coffee mugs, color books and more at the museum gift shop.


Click the Loan Agreements below and complete online and email back to


General Admission is only $7.  Kids 6 to 12 are $3 and kids under 6 can enter the museum for free with a paying adult.


Why do we charge admission?

Glad you asked. We are an automotive museum and many of our exhibits have been loaned to us for everyone to enjoy.  Our number one concern is ensuring the safety of our exhibits and ensuring we can stay open to let visitors see our revolving exhibits.  The minimal admission we charge to enter the museum is how we can help protect our exhibits.

The great news is we offer Individual Annual Membership for $36 or a Family Annual Membership for up to 4 family members for $80. 

Our Passes will be available online only soon and mailed to you.

The museum changes weekly.  Vehicles come and go, and automotive-related items are constantly being added.  We are new and continually striving to make visiting the museum better.


There’s always something new at Miles Through Time!

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