Join the Currahee Cruisers Car Club

Open to everyone

Currahee Cruisers is open to all automotive enthusiast.  This means any year, make, model and condition can join Currahee Cruisers and enjoy the benefits the club has to offer.

The club is brand new and actively looking for new members and members to take on leadership rolls. The club will host and promote various events and help raise funds for different charities.


Season Pass to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum
10% off Vehicle Storage in the museum
Club events
Club cruises
Shared knowledge (How to)
Great friends

Membership to join is only $35 annually which includes the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum Season Pass which is a $25 value. T-Shirts and decals will be available soon. All the proceeds are used for the club which is a non-profit. You can join now online by clicking the JOIN NOW button or you can purchase your membership at the MTT Automotive Museum.

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We are still available for special events, private events, large groups or by appointment.  We will also be open about once a month throughout the off season for special events.  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.