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We have over 100 years of automotive history on display and want to showcase your prized automobile.

Your AUTOMOBILE is a piece of history.

It’s time you treat your vehicle like the art it is.

We offer secure, indoor climate controlled storage for your classic or exotic vehicle. Your vehicle will be displayed as an exhibit so others can enjoy the beauty of your vehicle while you’re not driving it. When you are ready to take it for a ride, just let us know and we will pull out and have it waiting for you.  When you’re done just drop it back off and we will put it back inside for you.

Every stored vehicle comes with a membership to the museum.  If you’re not driving your vehicle you can still hang out with us, talk cars, drink coffee and enjoy some music.

If you are interested in storing your classic or exotic vehicle with us click the button below to complete an application.

car museum
clarkesville car museum

What type of vehicles do we accept?

There is really only two requirements. It has to be cool and we have to have room for it.

We have the main museum to store vehicles and, we have an additional building for those not showroom-ready or just need affordable protection out of the elements.

Pay One Year in Advance and Receive One Month FREE.

*Prices are for standard size automobiles, extra large vehicle may incure additional fee.

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