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1973 International Scout II

Make/Model: International Scout II
Year: 1973
Owner: Jerry Shook
Original price: $3,637

About the International Scout II

Scout IIs were manufactured from April 1971 to 1980. The design was frozen much earlier, with a version nearly identical to the production model shown to management in December 1967.

The Scout II came onto the scene in 1971, marking a new decade for the International Harvester Scout. Though it would prove to be the last decade for the 4 x 4, that was no result of the Scout II’s performance. The Scout II – today a highly sought after relic – received several noteworthy changes in design, including the a new front grille design. Electronic ignition was added to the V8 engine, and the wheelbase sat about three inches lower than the 800 and 80 models. Saginaw power steering was also added.

International Scout II - Miles Through Time Automotive Museum Exhibits 2
In 1973, the 196 4-cylinder engine was permanently abandoned by all Scouts, replaced by 196 4-cylinder engine. Also becoming standard to the Scout II were Dana 44 axles and power disc brakes.

The Scout II is most identifiable by its different front grilles. The 1971–1972 Scout IIs shared the same grille, three horizontal bars between the headlights and chrome rings around the headlights. The 1973 Scout IIs had 14 vertical bars between the headlights, a split in the middle, seven bars on each side surrounded by chrome trim pieces and an “International” model plate low on the left side.

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