Ford Ghia Arioso Concept Car Donated to Car Museum

Donated to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum by Dr. & Mrs. Al Morris from Fairburn, GA.

ford ghia ariosoThe Ford (Ghia) Arioso is a concept car. In fact, this is the only one they ever made exactly like this. The intention of the car was to study the design of a four-seater sports car. The car made its way through the automotive tour circuit in 1994.

Amazingly, once the car finished its tour Ford decided to sell the car at auction instead of destroying it as they do to so many.

The car was purchased by a Ford dealership owner in Buford, Ga who later sold the car to Al Morris, where it sat in storage for many years.

Until this car’s sister car popped up on Bring-A Trailer in October of 2020. The Ford Ghia Vivace is the only car even remotely close to the Arioso and both cars toured together. This is the only picture of the two cars together that I could find.vivace and arioso

In Case you’re wondering what the Vivace sold for on Bring-A-Trailer, it had 18 bids and sold for $3,050 on 10/28/20. You can click the link to see more pictures.

The cool thing about the Vivace going up for sale is that it reminded Al Morris that he had the sister car sitting in his storage unit.

On June 26th, 2021 Miles Through Time Automotive Museum held its 5th Annual Car Show.  The museum had over 200 vehicles on display and over 1000 visitors attended. Al Morris was one of these visitors in his super cool Pantera.

Al had been following MTT for a while but after attending the 5th Annual Car Show, he made the decision to donate his 1994 Ford (Ghia) Arioso concept car to the museum so people can see it and enjoy it.

ford ghia arioso

It took about a month to get the car out of storage and ready for its final trip to the museum, but it finally arrived.

You can now see this amazing 90s concept car on display at the museum thanks to the generous donation of Dr. & Mrs. Al Morris from Fairburn, GA.

When you see the car in person you’ll quickly realize the car is like a full-size toy. The wheels roll, but there is no suspension or steering. Nothing opens on the car and the interior is all dummied in.

The years have started to show on the car. The fabric inside of the car has come partially unglued and at some point, the taillights had been pushed on which caused the lens to crack. We’ve already made some repairs to the interior and have plans to do more, but ultimately the car screams 90s and it’s really neat to see some of the designs from that era that were state-of-the-art and today are pretty common.

ford ghia ariosoExhibits like this are only possible thanks to donations made by awesome people wanting to get involved and help preserve automotive history to be enjoyed and learned from for generations to come. To donate or learn more about donating to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum click HERE.

Check out the short video below of the Arioso arriving at the museum.

You can also check out the 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk we received from Dr. Karl Peace.



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