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I know what you’re thinking.

How could Miles Through Time Automotive Museum get any better?

Just kidding 😉 This is one of the things that makes MTT so unique and unlike any other car museum out there.

Miles Through Time is constantly changing and evolving sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and at the minimum monthly. The reason for this is that there is no wealthy benefactor behind MTT, and the museum does not own a massive collection.

MTT was started by Sean Mathis in 2017 with only one car and since then more and more people have been getting involved.

At the end of 2019 Miles Through Time was relocated from Toccoa to its new location inside of the Old Clarkesville Mill in Clarkesville, GA. This move came out of a necessity to keep growing the museum.  The new location inside of the old mill is bigger and was located inside of a flea/antique mall which enabled the museum to stay open 7 days a week all year long.georgia car museum

The museum was rebuilt from scratch and reopened in May of 2020 which was not the best of times, but MTT persevered, and not only did visitation greatly improve over the original location but so did donations.

In the last year year and a half, MTT has been donated a 1958 Studebaker Hawk, a Nascar, a GoKart from the Petersen Museum, and a concept car. This doesn’t even include other items donated. to the museum including the Tom Ash Collection and all of our new members.

Miles Through Time has actually grown so quickly that the new location has also become too small. This is where things get interesting though.  When MTT moved inside of the flea/antique mall the museum only took up a portion of the room.  A wall was actually built to divide the room between the museum and not the museum.

This is where we get to the next phase of MTT.

The wall splitting the room in half is getting opened up so the museum can flow into the new space and encompass the entire room and effectively double the size of Miles Through Time.georgia car museum

MTT is not worried about filling the additional space either. There is already a list of vehicles waiting to come.  There are 9 more display cabinets waiting to be filled with items waiting to be displayed.  There is even a vehicle turntable that was donated by the Henry Ford Museum.

The reason MTT is able to take over the additional space from the flea/antique mall is that the Founder of Miles Through Time, Sean Mathis has bought out the flea/antique mall and now leases the entire space.

This means there are even more changes coming to the entire experience when you visit the museum. Although the antique store was never an original part of the museum experience it has turned into a very unique aspect of the museum. The flea market will be going away, but the antique store will remain.

There will be a new emphasis on having more antique vendors, especially with automotive-related antiques. The restrooms will be redone, the front counter will be remodeled, the entrance into the building will be lined with rough-cut wood, just like the blacksmith shop in the museum and the entire front of the building will be repainted.georgia car museum

The museum has also recently acquired a 1961 VW Beetle which will be placed up in the tower in front of the museum. The Nash will also be moved next to the 47 Chevy and a complete “yard art” exhibit will be created.

Most of all these changes will start to take place now and the goal is to have the museum expansion open for visitors by the end of the year, which is an optimistic goal.

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