VinWiki Cheap Lambo

We need this Lamborghini in the museum!

Ed Bolian from VinWiki, also known as the shrewd negotiator, and YouTube Star through VinWiki Stories and CarTrek has a $35k Lambo for sale. You can see the full listing HERE.

Thanks to a partnership with SWAE, Ed is able to resell the 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for $35k. This car has a colorful background from being stolen from a rental company and repainted multiple times to being impounded and purchased by Ed. You can watch the story behind this car HERE.

The catch to being able to get this car is making a video to make your case. The founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum has made the video and posted it on YouTube.

This is the museum’s best chance at getting this type of car on display in the museum and we’re going to need your help to convince Ed and SWAE to add the #VinWikicheaplambo to the museum’s collection so visitors from all over the country can enjoy it.

We’ll let people sit in the car for photos, take it to events to promote the museum and use the car at various “supercar” charity events. This car will also help broaden the interest in cars and the automotive world, especially in the younger generation.

CLICK HERE for the contest rules.

Unless the museum’s vehicles are on loan all by owners, the other vehicles have been donated to the museum.  We hope SWAE and Ed would consider donating the car to the museum which is a 501c3, but just in case we do have the opportunity to purchase the car for the museum and the car is not donated we have started a GoFundMe specifically to ensure the Lamborghini finds it’s way home to Miles Through Time.

Famous Cars Of YouTUBE

In addition to the Cannonball Collection on display in the museum, we plan to add a new exhibit that will showcase famous cars from YouTube.  These vehicles will change frequently but will give visitors the opportunity to see some of their favorite rides from YouTube in person. The World’s Cheapest Lambo if all goes well will be the only permanent YouTube famous car in the museum’s collection.


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