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It has been the museum Founder’s goal for years to be able to make Miles Through Time not only a nonprofit but also a 501c3.

Sean Mathis is the Founder of the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum.  Sean started the museum with only one car, his Pop’s 1959 Cadillac.  From the beginning, the museum has always relied on other people wanting to be part of the museum.

It’s fantastic the number of people that come out and support the museum, but we also are trying to grow the core of the museum so we can have items that will be permanently on display in the museum, said Sean Mathis. Finally achieving the 501c3 status has already enhanced the museum.  MTT recently acquired a vehicle donated from the Petersen Automobile Museum in California.

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What donations are best?


Space is always an issue so although the museum would love to be able to accept everything donated or loaned to the museum, it just isn’t possible.  There is also the question of whether or not something is of “museum quality” which sometimes deters people from even enquiring.

When it comes to selecting vehicles for display there is a process the candidates go through to determine if accepting the vehicle makes sense and fits the mission of the museum.  There are no conditions or age requirements and usually comes down to space and if the vehicle has a story.

When there is a story behind the vehicle that is going to be on display in the museum it will be more likely to be approved to be on display or if the vehicle is special in some way. Family heirloom vehicles are the museum’s favorite especially since it was a family heirloom that started the museum.

There is a key difference between loaning vehicles for display and donating vehicles to the museum.

Loaned vehicles are on display for a set amount of time and do not leave the museum.  These vehicles still belong to someone so they are also always hands-off unless the owner of the vehicle is at the museum and decides to give a more in-depth tour.

Donated vehicles on the other-hand enable the museum to utilize the vehicles both in and out of the museum.  This may include taking the vehicle to shows to promote the museum or having outside demonstrations.

There is more than one way to help support Georgia’s automotive museum.  You can donate your vehicle or memorabilia or you can become a Founding Member or Contributing Member of the museum. If you’d like to be involved in any other way or have any suggestions/ideas email

You can visit the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum 7 days a week from 11 to 6 at 583 Grant St. in Clarkesville, Georgia.


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Vehicle Storage

We offer indoor, climate controlled vehicle storage. Your vehicle is displayed as an exhibit so others can safely enjoy your beauty while you're not driving it.


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Under 6 Free

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