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1931 Ford Model A Pickup

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Make/Model: Ford Pickup
Year: 1931
Owner: Walter McNeal
Original Price: $455

About the 1931 Ford Pickup

The Ford Motor Company, with its F-series, has long held the distinction of building the best-selling trucks in America. That distinction dates back many decades, as Ford’s commercial Model A and AA variants were also the most popular in their day. The best-selling Ford truck of 1931 was the Closed Cab Pick-up, which brought passenger-car style and some new features to the market. While Ford rolled out an amazing number of new commercial body styles for 1931-including the A-derived Drop Floor Panel truck and Canopy Top Pick-up and AA-based Ambulance and Funeral Coach–it was the standard 82-B Closed Cab Pick-up that found nearly 100,000 homes that year.

1931 Ford Model A Pickup | Miles Through Time
This was no surprise, considering that its $455 price was just $30 more than the less weatherproof Open Cab Pick-up. And all of the Model A Pick-ups used the familiar 40hp, 200.5-cu.in. L-head four-cylinder and three-speed sliding-gear transmission. They maintained the upgraded styling that appeared for 1930, that which brought smooth passenger car-style cowls, taller, slimmer radiator shells rendered in stainless steel, and swept-back front fenders; save for the bright-trimmed De Luxe models, Ford trucks shared black enameled headlamp buckets and a matching radiator shell.

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