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1973 Porsche 914 S

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Make/Model: Porsche 914 S
Year: 1973
Owner: George McMurtry
Original Price: $4,649

About the 1973 Porsche 914 S

The 1973 914S was badged with the “S” from November 1972 to
January 1973, after which all 2.0 914’s were badged 914 2.0 making
this car very rare. 1973 was a big turning point for the 914. A 96-hp
2.0-liter engine was introduced, the shift linkage was vastly
improved with the “side shifter” transmission linkage, and new
5.5-inch wide forged Fuchs alloy wheels were now offered alongside
Mahle cast aluminum wheels of the same size. Standard-trim bumpers were changed from body color to a matt-black finish. Chrome bumpers were still available with the appearance group option. Front rubber bumper guards were now required by the Department of Transportation. A new, bent handbrake lever replaced the old handle, making it much easier to operate.

1973 Porsche 914 S | Miles Through Time

The VW window lift mechanism was replaced by a much smoother 911-type “scissors”-style system, along with black-plastic window winder handles. An optional center console became available, which displayed voltage and oil temperature gauges and a clock. Heavy beams were added inside the door frames for better passenger protection. Both the 1.7 and 2.0 US engines had lowered compression ratio for the US market. For further proof that the 1973 car was a good one, it eventually proved to be the highest sales volume year.

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