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1950 Studebaker Champion

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Make/Model: Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe
Year: 1950
Owner: Tim Loy
Original Price: $2,287

About the 1950 Studebaker Champion

By 1949, the Big Three had released all-new models, which leveled the competitive landscape, and Bob Bourke’s all new “bullet-nose” design was brought to the Champion in 1950. Under the Champion’s body, an all-new independent coil front suspension replaced the prior trans verse leaf sprung front independent set-up, and a thoroughly advanced automatic transmission became available.

While some criticized the “bullet-nose” look, which continued into 1951, the cars remained popular with buyers. The
automatic transmission was available on all Studebaker’s mid-year, but it was not very popular because the car had a small 6-cylinder power plant.

1950 Studebaker Champion | Miles Through Time

When a V8 became available the following year, the automatic became a much moreattractive choice.

The bulk of Studebaker’s 1950 sales were from the Champion model, accounting for over eighty percent. The Regal Deluxe sedan had 55,296 sales, the Deluxe Sedan had 46,027 sales, and the Deluxe two-door sedan had over 45,200 sales. The Regal Deluxe Starlight Coupe was also popular, with nearly 30,000 sales. These strong sales helped Studebaker achieved 320,884 sales in 1950, earning it ninth in the industry.

This Studebaker was restored in the early 90’s by Tim’s father and has remained in the family since.

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