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1980 Jeep CJ5

Make/Model: Jeep CJ5
Year: 1980
Owner: Jane & David Storey
Original price: $7,000 approximately

About the 1980 Jeep CJ5

The tale of this Jeep began before we Jane and David got married in 1968. During their pre-marriage counseling their pastor asked them individually what was the one material thing they wanted to have, and they both said a new Jeep.

In 1980 they decided to buy a new Jeep. By then Jeeps had become much nicer and chose to buy a plain Jeep much like the ones David had in the past. This Jeep became Jane’s daily driver to work, although it got warm in the summertime. Many trips were taken to go play in the snow with their two young daughters. Several of the trips were to Brasstown Bald when you could drive up to the parking lot.

Jeep Cj5 | Miles Through Time 1

Both of Jane and David’s daughters learned how to drive in this Jeep so they would know how to operate a clutch and manual transmission. In the last few years the Jeep was not driven very much, it has just sat in their garage. Apparently, the Jeep shrunk or Jane and David have gotten larger as they’ve aged. It is no longer as easy to get in and out of as it once was in 1980.

They’re very thankful to have the opportunity to display their Jeep for others to see the simplicity of vehicles of that era. With the exception of routine maintenance, it is all original. Only tires and the top have been replaced. The odometer shows less than 40,000 original miles.

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