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1935 Mathis EMY4S

Make/Model: Mathis EMY4S Cabriolet
Year: 1935
Owner: Donated/Permanent Collection
Original Price: 22,900 francs ($1,527 US)


The Mathis Automobile was produced in France from 1910 to 1950 by the founder Émile Mathis. Mathis and Ford formed an uncomfortable partnership in 1934 to produce Matfords until 1939.

This particular Mathis was purchased in 1959 by JC Taylor in the French Alps while serving in the Air Force. The car was being used as a tractor by a local prior to JC purchasing the car. JC was able to drive the car on and off base thanks to a special “officer” insignia on the bumper he was able to acquire.

JC remained the owner of this Mathis for 63 years until it became a part of Miles Through Time’s permanent collection thanks to a generous donation by Eileen Ash.

Mathis | Miles Through Time Exhibits
This car has been restored over the years primarily at the hands of Mr. Taylor. The blue paint was done with automotive grade rattle cans decades ago. The motor has been rebuilt and the convertible top is new. This is one of two known Mathis automobiles in the United States, the other is a concept car at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.

A cool feature this car has is the ability to flip a switch on the dash which removes the need of the clutch during shifts. This is a handy trick for the 4 cylinder, 35hp, 1525cc motor.

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