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1915 Model T 3 Door Touring

Make/Model: 1915 Ford Model T
Year: 1915
Owner: Gary Russeth
Original price: $490

About the 1915 Model T 3 Door Touring

The 1915 Ford Model T were introduced in January 1915 at Highland Park, Michigan. However the 1914 Ford Model T was manufactured in some Ford factory branches up to April 1914.

The 1915 body style was essentially the same as 1914. Instead of the exposed wooden firewall a new metal cowl curved inward to the hood.

The hood and radiator were the same except for louvers in the hood side panels. In addition the windshield was now upright. Electric lights and electric horn were standard and were powered by the engine magneto.

1915 Model T - Miles Through Time 8

This car was featured in two movies, “Sweet Land” and “Bill.” This car was also featured in the museum, The Ollie Also and Stanie Too Fine Mess Old Car Museum of Harlem, GA. The rest of Gary’s collection are the full-size wood vehicles that are on display.

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