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1930 Chevrolet 1.5 Ton Truck

Make/Model: Chevy Series LR Universal
Year: 1930
Owner: Jerry Shook
Original Price: $600 EST. Chassis Only

About the 1930 Chevrolet 1.5 Ton Truck

The odometer shows 24,000 miles and is believed to be the original mileage. Under the hood is Chevy’s 194 CID straight six, also known as the “Stovebolt Six.” because the bolts that held the engine together resembled the bolts that were commonly used to assemble wood stoves.
This engine used a forged steel crankshaft with three bearings and cast-iron pistons. Nineteen thirty was the second year for GM’s “Cast-iron Wonder” in its Chevy cars and trucks, surpassing the four-cylinder in Ford’s Model AA. Backing this motor is a four-speed manual transmission.

1930 Chevrolet 1.5 Ton Truck | Miles Through Time

The truck also came standard with a 4-Speed Transmission and 2-Speed Rear End. This particular truck was originally a Coca-Cola® truck and has had three owners. The current owner purchased the truck in 2009, and prior to that, the truck was kept in storage for 55 years. 

Notice the turn signal on the driver’s side, which is operable from inside of the cab.

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