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1983 BMW 320i

Make/Model: BMW 320i
Year: 1983
Owner: Donated by LynneDee Althouse
Original Price: $15,910

About the 1983 BMW 320i

1983 was the last year of the e21 which was the precursor to the much more well-known e30 which ran from 1984 to 1991. This particular e21 was purchased new by LynneDee’s father who was a lawyer and purchased the car as a conservative means of transportation. Over the years the car was driven by LynneDee and her kids and managed to rack up half a million miles.

This car is an “S” model which is the sport version and only 2,500 of these were produced in the states over 3 years. The S added $2,620 to the overall price. ($6,850 today) The S included Recaro bucket seats, limited slip differential, beefier sports suspension and special front spoiler. Notice the radio turned upwards is due to the American market adding AC, but not having adequate space for the radio so it was turned vertically.

 1983 BMW 320i

This car was driven by museum founder, Sean Mathis from Paso Robles, Ca to MTT. However, there were minor issues that resulted in the car being towed back from Phoenix, AZ. (The car was still driven into the museum)

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