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1999 International School Bus

Make/Model: International School Bus
Year: 1999
Owner: Donated by movie company
Original Price: $80,000

About the 1999 Bus

This bus started life as a 1999 International school bus, but there is very little left that would make you think school bus.  This bus was purchased by the film company and was heavily modified to look like this for the movie Ghosted.

This bus is actually one of three buses used in the film, one of the buses was junked, and the other was given to the owner of the quarry where a portion of the film was made.

This one was donated to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum and delivered to the museum without the top piece and many of the items removed for transport.

1999 International

Once the bus was delivered to the museum, photos from production were referenced to reinstall all of the loose items on the bus.  The top piece was delivered separately and required a forklift to lift back onto the bus.

The bus does run and can actually crabwalk and be steered from the rear of the bus since the rear axle was swapped for the movie so it could be driven in reverse by a stunt driver.

The design of the bus was influenced by buses that can be seen in Pakistan. You can watch the movie Ghosted to see this bus in action or visit the museum to get your photos with it.

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