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2002 Mini Cooper – Monster Garage Snowmobile

Make/Model: Mini Cooper
Year: 2002
Owner: Donated by AACA Museum
Original Price: $16,850

About the 2002 Mini Cooper

This Mini Cooper was brand new when it was first given to Jesse James on the show Monster Garage. Within a week the team on the Monster Garage transformed this stock Mini into a snowmobile monster.

The original drivetrain is still in the car, but two Polaris 175hp engines have been added to power the dual snowmobile tracks that stick out the back of the car.


Monster Garage Snowmobile

After the show was done with the Mini it was given to the AACA Museum where it was displayed or stored for two decades. In 2023 the AACA Museum donated the car to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum where you can see it on display now.

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