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2007 Zenn Electric

Make/Model: Zenn Electric
Year: 2007
Owner: Donated by Jeff Lane of Lane Motor Museum
Original Price: $17,245

About the Zenn

ZENN (Zero Emission, No Noise) is a two-seat battery electric vehicle that was produced by the ZENN Motor Company of Canada from 2006 to 2010, designed to qualify as a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). It had a range of up to 40 mi and was speed-limited to 25 mph. On earlier production models, there was an option of a ‘Discovery Pack’ which increased the ZENN’s range a few miles. In later models it was standard.

2007 Zenn Electric

The vehicle is based on the Microcar MC2, in production in France since the early 2000s, and produced under license from Microcar’s parent company Bénéteau. The Microcar MC2, and the short-wheelbase MC1, are sold in Europe with 500cc diesel engines and are considered quadricycles there.

Electric power is stored in six 12V lead-acid gel batteries, which have a recharge cycle of 8 hours. Valve-regulated (low maintenance) lead-acid AGM cells were available at extra cost initially, then included as standard equipment in later models.

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