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1927 Model T Doctor’s Coupe

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Make/Model: Ford Model T
Year: 1927
Owner: Larry Dodd
Original Price: $395

About the 1927 Model T Doctor’s Coupe

On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford watched the fifteen millionth Ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in Highland Park, Michigan. It was a 1927 Ford Model T Touring Car. Widely known as the “Tim Lizzie”
the Model T Ford became the butt of a thousand jokes.

But it was this American Automobile, more than all others combined that was responsible for putting the United States on wheels. Yearly production of the Model T in 1908 was about 10,000 cars and nearly two million 15 years later when the 1926 Ford arrived. A choice of colors was originally available, but from 1913 to 1925 the car was mass-produced in only one color – black.

1927 Model T Doctor's Coupe | Miles Through Time
Ford’s market share fell to just 36% by the mid-1920s as rival automobile makers ate away at the aging Model T’s sales with
fresher, more up-to-date competitive designs. Within the Ford Motor Co. some advocated major changes in the Ford automo-
bile. So during 1926 the company’s design engineers were busily at work. The end of the Model T was officially announced by Henry Ford and Edsel Ford on May 26, 1927.

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