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1964 MG MGB

Make/Model: MG MGB
Year: 1964
Owner: Steven Smith
Original Price: $2,658

About the 1964 MG MGB

These little British cars are fun to drive with their 4 cylinder, 1798cc, 95 hp engines. The car only weights 1,920 lbs so although it’s not the quickest car in the, somehow it feels fast.

This particular car was originally red, but a previous owner painted the car Pageant Blue, which is an originally MGB color, just not until 1978. The current owner of this car had to make rust repairs to the floorboards and refinished the interior door panels as well as the dash which had been covered with vinyl at some point, but for this era of MGB the dash is painted to match the body like you see now.

1964 MG MGB

This body style lasted for many years between 1962 and 1980. However, by 1968, plastic was introduced to the car to meet US safety regulations. This 64 model was the last year the MGB came with the pull style door handles seen on this car. In 1965 the door handles used a push-button style handle. This car does come with a soft top and a hard top, but we think it looks best with no top.

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