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1999 Shelby Series 1

Make/Model: Shelby Series 1
Year: 1999
Owner: Mickey Norris
Original Price: $181,824

About the1999 Shelby Series 1

This Series 1 was built specifically for the famed swimsuit model Karen McDougal as part of her prize package for winning Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Year for 1998. In announcing Ms. McDougal’s new status, the periodical proferring “Entertainment for Men” noted that “Karen’s crowded garage already houses a BMW 528 and a Toyota Camry. Now, along with her PMOY check for $100,000, she receives this Shelby Series 1. ‘I’m going to have Carroll Shelby sign it,’ she says.”

Shelby Series 1

Playboy’s description of Ms. McDougal as a car enthusiast does not seem to have been mere hype. In 2003 she corresponded with Shelby American regarding the personalization of the car to her taste, including the installation of a polished supercharger, upgraded clutch, four-piston brakes, fresh-air brake duct system, custom polished cat-back exhaust and HPC headers, bespoke leather interior with additional carbon-fiber trim, and “ghost”-painted Centennial Silver racing stripes. There is no indication, however, that Shelby ever did actually sign the console as she had intended. Nonetheless, all told the updates to the car totaled over $60,000, as documented by paperwork in the file, and makes it one of the most unique Series 1s in existence.

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