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1961 Plymouth Suburban

Make/Model: Plymouth Suburban Deluxe Wagon “Firedance”
Year: 1961
Owner: Pete Cook
Original price: $2,723

About the Plymouth Suburban Deluxe Wagon Firedance

Pete bought this car in 2010 from a hotrodder after searching years for a 1961 2-door Plymouth wagon. A 64 slant 6 & 4 speed froma 69 Charger had been installed as well as a orange & purple paint job. 61 was the final year for the 2-door Plymouth Suburban wagon, with a mere 2,464 produced. Being the lowest price for wagons, the 2-door, these were mainly bought for utility purposes by handyman, plumbers, budget-minded families, etc., and thus few survived. This was not Plymouth’s answer to the Chevrolet Nomad, the Nomad was a luxury/sport wagon, while the standard 2-door wagon was actually the low-end on the fancy scale!

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This particular wagon began life with the US Air Force being her first caretaker, stationed at Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota, believed to be one of only 13 ordered by the USAF directly from Plymouth, with NO rear seat (the 2nd row that is, a 3rd row wasn’t available in the 2-door wagon) to haul camera equipment. The original US Property placard is still in place under the hood, and during restoration, the original olive-green paint was found on hidden parts of the firewall.

A two year ground up restoration took place, where Pete removed all the orange& purple paint. Pete wanted to keep the car original but chose to forego the OG olive green paint. The built slant 6 & 4-speed remain with an original floor shifter & knob from a 1961 Valiant. Several thousand miles have been driven since her completion in 2012.

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