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1970 Buick Grand Sport

Make/Model: Buick G5 455
Year: 1970
Owner: Mark Primosigh
Original Price: $4,880

About the 1970 Buick Grand Sport

This beautiful 1970 Buick GS was purchased from the original

owner in Cumming, GA. The Stage 1 engine option used cylin-

der heads that, while using raw castings of the same pattern as all

of the other Buick 455s sharing the same model year, were ma-

chined differently in order to accept larger valves (2.13″ intake

and 1.755″ exhaust), and to produce smaller compression chambers for increased static compression ratio.

1970 Buick Grand Sport | Miles Through Time

The option also included a more aggressive camshaft, a specially tuned 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetor, more aggressive ignition timing, 5/8 inch oil pickup tube and a higher numerical final drive, this car has the Turbo Hydra-matic 400 3-speed automatic transmission.

The car also features a center console, bucket seats, and G60-15 Polyglas tires. This example of 1970 GS is 1 of 39 in Strato Mist Blue and still retains the correct SS coded engine block.

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