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2000 Ligier Country

Make/Model: Ligier Ambra Country
Year: 2000
Owner: Donated by Jeff Lane of Lane Motor Museum
Original Price: $2,718

About the Ligier Ambra Country

The Ambra Country is a continuation of Ligier microcars that can be driven in France without a license. Ligier started production of microcars in 1980 with the JS4, and in 2008 when they bought their competitor, Microcar Company, became the largest manufacturer in France of these small cars. Although small in size, the Ambra has an aluminum frame covered with polycarbonate body panels. This makes the car light, yet structurally very strong, resulting in a very safe car.

2000 Ligier Country

The Ambra was not required to pass crash tests, but because of its superior construction, it was able to pass these crash tests in 2000. Fully independent suspension with front disc brakes, and rack and pinion steering, made the car highly maneuverable.

Manufacturer:  Automobiles Ligier
Country of Origin:  Vichy, France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front engine, front-wheel drive
Engine:  2 cylinders, 505cc, Lombardi Diesel
Transmission:  CVT automatic
Top Speed:  30 MPH

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