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1953 Ford Customline

Make/Model: Ford Customline
Year: 1953
Owner: Jerry Shook
Original Price: $1,582

About the Ford Customline

1953 was Ford’s 50th anniversary. The big news for 1953 was the availability of power-assisted brakes and steering, which had previously been limited to the Mercury and Lincoln lines.

The center grill bullet lost its ring and was now flanked by vertical black stripes, while the corner markers were plain rectangular lights rather than the circular “intakes”

All 1953 Fords featured commemorative steering wheels marking the company’s 50th anniversary. Mechanical changes included two-inch wider tread, and a k-bar frame with five cross-members.


1953 Ford Customline | Miles Through Time
The Ford Customline was introduced in 1952 as the mid-range model in that year’s US Ford range, positioned below the Ford Crestline and above the Ford Mainline. It was offered in 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, 2-door coupé & 4-door station wagon body styles.

The coupe was marketed as the Club Coupe and the station wagon as the Customline Country Sedan.1952 Customlines were available with 215 cubic inches (3,520 cc) inline six-cylinder or 239 cubic inches (3,920 cc) V8 engines. The 1953 Customlines continued the 1952 bodies with only minor changes. Production totaled 761,662 units.

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