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Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Lincoln Continental

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Make/Model: Lincoln Continental (custom convertible)
Year: 1977
Owner: Marisa Gustafson
Original price: $11,396

About Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Lincoln Continental

This beautiful 1977 Lincoln Continental Convertible was one of the vehicles registered by President Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service. When President Carter was inaugurated President and walked down the street this was one of the cars in his motorcade. This car was custom made and is a 1 of 1, originally valued at $50,000.


Jimmy Carter 1977 Lincoln - Miles Through Time

This secret service car came to Miles Through Time Automotive Museum right at the beginning of 2020. The current owner Marisa Gustafson drove the car to the museum from Florida.  Marisa’s father owned a dealership and was able to acquire the car when it was decommissioned by the secret service. Marisa inherited the car and has been enjoying it ever since and sharing it with people from all over the world.

The car was driven out of the museum in May of 2022 and is still being enjoyed by everyone that sees it.

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