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1927 White Model 51

Make/Model: White Model 51
Year: 1927
Owner: Williams/Hammett Family
Original Price: $3,750

About the 1927 White Model 51

Nicknamed “Noah” this 1927 White pickup was restored by Dallas Patman Williams – a retired railway postal clerk, farmer, and general contractor – has never been one to just let time pass by.

He is perhaps most proud of this 1927 White pickup truck which he restored in 1986 to look much as it must have looked long before he bought it in 1946. “It was built back when they built things to last. When I bought it back in 1946, I nicknamed it Noah, because it was so old and frayed it must have been the one Noah took on the ark. Noah served Williams well over the years. The truck was used to work the 27 acres of the farm he formerly owned in Morrow, Ga which now comprises much of the Clayton State College campus. Williams says that the White Truck Company built “work trucks.”

1927 White Model 51

His 1927 model isn’t “road worthy,” because it was designed to work before roads were paved and can only achieve a maximum speed of 40 miles an hour. William’s bought the truck when he first moved to Clayton County in 1946 from a coal pit in Morrow, it has since been used for farm work. Back in the days around World War II you couldn’t buy new trucks since all the auto construction had been diverted to make jeeps and war vehicles. Noah has been kept in the Williams/Hammett family since 1946.

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