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1950’s Soap Box Derby Car

Make/Model: Soap Box Derby Racer
Year: 1950’s
Owner: Len Sturkie

About the 1950’s Soap Box Derby Car

 “The Banana” All Original Set-Back Axel Gravity RacerVintage 50’s Sit-up style Handmade driver-built solid wood construction Certified
BD axle kit from Chevrolet Sanctioned by the All-American Soap Box Derby.

Length 82 inches
Wheelbase 52 inches
Front axle setback 23 inches
Rear axle overhang 7 inches
Empty weight 185 pounds

Cable pulley steering syste, front pedal controlled rear cabled brake trap-door style skid-pad ground brake Rear stationary balance weights.

1950’s Soap Box Derby Car | Miles through Time
Two generations of successful competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia “In Memory Of Ralph
Barnes SBD Regional Director” Gravity Racers can achieve speeds up to 30mph from a standing start covering 989 ft.
in less the 30 sec.

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