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1965 Ford Falcon

Make/Model: Ford Falcon
Year: 1965
Owner: Jerry Shook
Original Price: $2,039

About the Ford Falcon

The popularity of the Falcon body style continued and Ford
introduced a new finned body design for 1964 and continued this style through 1965 on both the Falcon and the Rancheros. This new style was a aggressive change from the previous rounded lines of the earlier Falcons, but also proved to be equally successful with the public. One significant change was the change to the 289 V8 engine in 1965 which was offered for the first time in the Falcon.

The Falcon has always been closely associated with the Mustang, although very unique. There are many similarities to the Mustang, but these cars definitely hold their own in terms of features, design, and new product development.

1965 Ford Falcon | Miles Through Time
Over the years these classic Fords have increased in popularity and are now sought after by Ford enthusiasts for many reasons. The uniqueness of these many styles and models and their history make these a car to have.

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